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Company overview

The Techy Accountant™ is a global leading initiative aimed at empowering finance professionals at all levels of their career through practical learning, shared knowledge and cutting-edge mentoring.
This is an organization with a passion to promote digital literacy with a special focus on an innovative use of technology among youths and women in Africa with a mission to promoting quality skill-horning and capacity-building professional education to bridge the skill gap of young finance professionals in Africa through practical learning, shared knowledge and cutting-edge mentoring.

Business Challenge

The Techy Accountant™ is a global initiative aimed at training and empowering financial professionals to attain the peak of their careers. With the current pace of the financial industry, professionals need to have the right digital skillset.
Before now they have been running the classes and meetup offline (Physically) and scaling up became a challenge. Our goal was to create a system that enables them to run classes while also having a community online for communication and alumni.
Some of the requirement includes:

Our Approach

We kicked off the project with a discovery session and strategy session to better understand the purpose, focus, and flow. This phase was with the key personnel of their team.

We started with an intuitive landing page

We believe so much in aesthetics as much as the functionality of designs, maintaining balancing both design cases, Superb User experience, hierarchy, contrast as a visual element with good accessibility and responsive design.
landing page Techy Accountant

Community membership signup

Once we finished the website, it was time to develop the community management portal. We designed a system architecture that allows a seamless signup process with an email verification system, upon verification logins you to the dashboard.

An online forum for community members

After the signup process was done, we moved up to the actives of the community members, rights, activities, and goals. We need an easy to use user experience, maintaining function design that drives engagement, seamless switch between different sections of the community portal.
We made the forum the dashboard as it is a community-based system, ease of members to contributor to the forum by commenting on existing discussions, or posting a new discussion seamlessly from anywhere within the forum, and/or reading articles from other members (though this is available to guest as well).

Online learning platform

With our seamless thought pattern for user experience, the switch between the forum and the online learning portal for community members was achieved, giving community members access to take courses both free and paid courses.
The delivery of the courses we such that it can be available both online and offline because of internet usage and penetration in Nigeria.
Techy Accountant Online Learning portal

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