We provide all-round web app development, from project discovery, prototyping to development and deployment, then on to support and maintenance.

The future of the web is mobile-centric, we transform businesses to fit in with the modern cross-platform. Building upon our extensive expertise in UI/UX design, Front & Back-end development, we deliver rich web app experiences that are user-friendly. Functional and beautifully compelled HTML/JavaScript application that works great as a native app both on mobile and tablet devices.
Web app development team

Rock-solid, enterprise-grade web app development​

Websites have paved the way for web apps, built on a platform of browser-enabled technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS, HTTPS, and more API powered web apps to rival the capabilities of a desktop and native apps.
Web apps have evolved to better meet user expectations of software in the mobile age through the emergence of HTML5, CSS3, HTTPS/2, Responsive Design, Progressive Web Apps, including adaptability, intuitive UI animations, offline operation, and fast load times.
We at Reimnet help bring these advances and benefits into your app, whether through enhancement of an existing app or as foundations of a new app.

We are well-grounded in web app development

We understand the difference in knowing web app development and truly mastering to delivery result


Technology evolves from time to time, development has gone through the stages of multi-tier architecture, through SOA, and is currently at microservice architecture pattern which is becoming a default the architectural style for the future. We design web applications as a collection of services or loosely coupled modules. The microservice architecture allows the flexibility to change and redeploy modules without worrying about the rest of the application’s components. We achieve scalability with minimal effort and can easily change the technology stack when needed.

Cloud Hosting

We deploy our web applications using web services like AWS, AWS S3, EC2, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. We choose cloud solutions based on the specification and business needs of the web application project.


We build upon modern technologies, observing best practices, having in-depth knowledge of the big market to withstand high loads (traffic) with minimal efforts. We apply scale-up and scale-out (vertical and horizontal scaling) to ensure our web apps run smoothly and can handle increasing loads (traffics) without increasing response times. We optimize resource utilization on different dimensions (memory, data structure, and storage).


Our choice of a database during a web development project is based on the system design and user demands. we work with SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch) databases. As a requirement for a web application, our web apps can store and retrieve data accurately, fast, and securely.


We also engage in server infrastructure management, installing and managing required dependencies (DevOps) to run your web app (code). While installing and managing server infrastructure, we set a secured access configuration (to protect files from web application and server from attackers) and also configure backups. We sometimes rely on PASs (Platform As A Service) like Amazon Lambda to run server-side code without provisioning or managing servers.

Programing Frameworks

We have different criteria for selecting a framework for a web app project. We look at productivity (speed of development based on project timeline), scalability (how adaptable the framework can be in that project with emerging technologies), and the ability to handle and solve common problems. We specialize in Phoenix for Elixir, Laravel for PHP, Angular for JS, Vue for JS, Node.js, flask for Python, Django for Python, and React frameworks.

Technologies stack for web app development

Our websites are designed with many technologies put together to deliver a stunning website, optimized for speed, huge traffic & responsive for mobile and web browsers.

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