Software Development in Abuja

Reimnet is a software development company in abuja, Nigeria, We are a world class software development team with diverse skillset which allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for web/cloud, mobile and enterprise applications., From full-project engagements to on-demand services, Reimnet helps her clients design, build, deploy and launch projects easily and on budget.

Our Software Development Services include

Web and Mobile app development, web design, mobile developer

System Architecture

We help our clients create stable, scalable and maintainable systems to meet their product requirement and support future growth.
Web and Mobile app development, web design, mobile developer

UI/UX design

From intuitive user interface designs to engineering great user experience, we help our clients build great and user friendly products.
Web and Mobile app development, web design, mobile developer

App Development

From using the right technology and platforms for your product, we write and deliver clean and maintainable codes with feature/ unit testing

Businesses & Processes

Businesses have general, yet unique challenges. We strive in identifying the uniqueness in every business, providing them solutions that meet them at their needs. Different challenges require different approaches to development, designing and deployment. Our strategists work directly with you to define a clear roadmap with budget and deliverables.

Re - Engineering​

Legacy Systems​
We customize or re-engineer legacy systems and frameworks to enable technological compatibility for better security, performance and functionality without losing data.

Bespoke Processes​

Custom Development​
Business processes are ever evolving, business in different niches are faced with unique challenges that in most cases are not solvable with the off-the-shelve Enterprise applications.


Generic business solutions solved with technology are mostly licensed and deployed as saas (Software As A Service). We configure & deploy reputable SaaS products.

Projects we have worked on and delivered

Here are some of the clients Reimnet has had the pleasure to work with

Web and Mobile app development, web design, mobile developer

We built an on-demand delivery mobile and web app for a start-up to disrupt the Industry

We helped a start-up build up an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that is fit to disrupt the logistics industry.
Web and Mobile app development, web design, mobile developer

We help build a lottery system both on mobile & web apps to enhance the lottery.

We help leading lottery company develop an online lottery system that runs on mobile and web browsers.

What's happening...

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