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Information Dissemination 
Can Be Easier
SMSDial is a contact management system developed by Reimnet, a Nigerian based software development company that specializes in delivering innovative, scalable technology solutions for startups and enterprise business needs.

SMSDial used to just be a bulk sms platform but overtime we observed certain setbacks with contact management as businesses would have difficulties organizing their contacts to send out messages. Sometime contact information even goes missing and the stress of having to type numbers in one at a time whenever word had to be sent out. The company had to put all this into consideration and it led us to rebrand SMSDial, transforming it to a contact management system.
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How we fixed this
Our team had an in-house brainstorming session to address the need for a platform that allows businesses have all their contacts saved in one place and is flexible enough to let them have these contacts in different groups. We agreed that the platform be developed with a feature that lets them send out bulk sms, catering for the messages such as invites to occasions (Wedding), conferences or system notifications (Application through either our rest API’s or our platform). the app was also to have the feature of scheduling and personalizing messages.

We decided to stick with the name SMSDial as it seemed seemed the most appropriate, to us it represents (meaning of the name). the name equally stood out and is easy enough to remember.
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Communication in its simplest form
When the developing the platform, having a minimalistic design was a key factor. After a couple of months of hard work and keen attention to detail, our dev team was able to put together a simple yet beautiful responsive web application. The colors and icons used were carefully and strategically picked to emphasize the product’s brand and purpose.

With SmsDial, businesses and enterprises can create personal accounts, add contacts in different groups if they so desire and easily send out sms whenever the need arises. They can also schedule and personalize messages i.e. address each person by their names. The great part is message delivery is super-fast. Our clients just need to recharge their wallets and send word across with ease.
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