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The Challenge

Road Racers specialize in Airport Transfers, Private taxi service and provide you with chauffeur-driven cars to and from all major Abuja towns, and with further focus on city to city trips.

Running a taxi company where client’s only had to call in to book a cab was the state of the company and they need to increase sales with minimal increase in administration personnel and also fit into the trending business model of cab services.
Core Requirements
  • Develop a Business / Pricing Model

  • Website Redesign

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

Our Solution

Having heard and understood the different challenges faced by the company, 
hence we proffered a solution using various services we offered


We kicked off with developing a business model and a pricing model accommodating his experience in the taxi business.
The pricing model for the application made it flexible to allow biding between drivers and riders. We considered the Nigeria factor after studying failed taxi haulage company in Nigeria.
The revenue was based on licensing drivers to be available on the platform, due to the poor penetration of the culture of online payment in Nigeria as at 2015, we offered cash, vouchers and online payment.


We redesigned the website to communicate the shift in market positioning, using right illustrations and icons to interpret words.
For ease of update on the website, a Content Management System (CMS) was put in place, publications, change of content (Images, write-ups, videos).
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Web App

The browser based application which is also mobile responsive, was developed for both system administrators and riders. It was perceived that some targeted audience (demography) maybe at work and really need to make a quick rider order hence a web based application.
The system administrators use the browser based application for complete management and maintenance of the entire application (Web and Mobile Apps).
After a long session with our Dev - Opt team, we agreed on stack to use in delivering this application.
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Mobile App

This project has two different mobile applications (riders and drivers). Each class of user had a mobile app developed for them.
The driver mobile app was developed for drivers to ping their location, accept price as it is or bargain, then accept a ride. We decided to develop only android app for drivers, this was strategic based on survey, most drivers where already familiar with android and comfortable using it.
The users on the other hand had both Android and IOS application. 
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Target Audience
Mobile Category

There has been a shift in the mobile industry, causing users to abduct majorly two category of mobile platform, (Android & IOS), this platform are serious traction and increase in users base, hence we developed for those platforms

  • Android
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  • Reimnet out did my expectation, judging by the circumcision, i am very impressed

    Standford Okechukwu, CEO ROAD RACERS