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Millennial Hub
Connecting Nigerian Youths with professionals who serve as mentors in their chosen career paths.

Connect. Share. Excel.

Millennial Hub is a platform founded with the main aim of connecting Nigerian youths to experienced working professionals who act as mentors in their chosen career interests. It hopes to push Nigerian youths to become more self-driven, chart excellent career paths, develop more employable skills, be more action oriented and create a great passion to succeed. 

How we came in

We understood from the onset that our task was to deliver a web application that correctly interprets the founder’s desire to see youths get the much needed career guidance with ease. The colors we picked for the project were influenced by their already existing logo and we were able to develop a very user friendly interface.

Similarly, we understood at a very early stage of the project that the application needed to be sophisticated and compatible across multiple devices. It was also important that the admin be able to view the interests of both parties and make the match based on the percentage compatibles of these interests.

The work flow of the web application is such that mentors and mentees sign up and enter the necessary information including areas of interest. We developed and algorithm that looks through these interests and gives the human admin accurate percentage compatibilities. Actual pairing is however done by the admin who views the statistics of both parties and makes the best possible match.

Each feature is important

A keen attention to detail was placed on every feature, all the pages of the web application were designed to be simple yet effectively communicate the company’s brand. The decision to place the logo at the top left corner was strategic and various icons used to represent stages from signup to successfully matching mentors and mentees were also carefully picked. 

Great User Experience

We did a good job bringing Millennial Hubs’ idea to life in the form of web application, they now have a platform that solves the problem of mentees finding suitable mentors. Youths who aspire to attain certain heights in their profession can now easily find mentors to help them reach their goals.
We were thrilled when our client saw the finished product and had nothing but joy and satisfaction written all over their faces.