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The Challenge

Maldor Eye care Center is an eye clinic having Optical and Optometry services. Maldor needed to make aware the community the serve the impact of their CSR and various services without being perceived as just an Optometry service company.

For this to be achieved, a re-branding and redesign of the company's website was needed, careful presentation of information as not to have a lopsided service.
Core Requirements
  • Study & Plan content

  • Re - Design Website

Team Member

Site Pages

Days to Deliver

We Delivered

Our team worked closely with keek's team to deliver a simple, sleek website
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Color Palette

HEX: #a0217e
RGB: (160,33,126)
HEX: #202020
RGB: (32,32,32)
HEX: #cccccc
RGB: (204,204,204)

  • The culture and innovative spirit at Reimnet is out of this world, they make challenges seem like a walk-over.

    Dr. Doris Onyeador Founder Maldor