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Start Your Journey To Become a Pro Developer

Introducing the Reimnet Internship program

In partnership with enspire incubator 

Start The Beautiful Journey To Software Development

Reimnet Internship program is designed to help young 

talents learn and grow their software development skills.

The goal is to develop talented minds who can take advantage of our growing technical opportunities and that of our immediate ecosystem.

During the 1-year period you will learn and build experience in software development. You will be engaged in challenging tasks, helping you build portfolio and experiences to fast track your journey / career.

What's in it for YOU ?

Paid Internship

Get paid to learn your passion and culture that gives you leverage in the industry.

Live Project Exposure

Gain exposure that enhances experience in the development circle.

Team Work

Collaboration on projects is key when working with large or small team be it working remotely or on site. 


Candidates will be paired with a mentor not limited to software development

Who should Apply

Candidates will be selected based on their their understanding of basic programming, logic and algorithm. Passion, dedication and contribution to building their career is a plus. 

Our Partner

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